hybrid dentures newport beachFor some cases, specific areas on the mouth may not qualify to receive dental implants. This can be attributed to bone loss in the jaw or when there is too high a number of teeth that need to be replaced with individual implants. Dr. Gold specializes in hybrid dentures for these cases. 

Hybrid dentures were known as ‘fixed removal dentures’ 20 years ago.  Today, most dentists and patients refer to this treatment as “Hybridge Dentures”.  

Hybrids provides dual benefits, including the anchoring power of implants and the coverage of dentures.  Additionally, hybrids can be applied without any of the undesired aspects of dentures, including slippage, loss of taste, or discomfort. Only a few dental implants are required to secure the new teeth in place, which will allow for faster recovery, increased comfort, and permanent attachment of the dentures to the jaw. 

With hybrids, a small space between the gum line and dentures can be accommodated to help with daily oral cleanings and hygiene. Dr. Gold recommends that patients schedule a follow up visit for regular cleanings. 

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