cosmetic dentist newport beach

With cosmetic dentistry in Newport Beach, we can create a perfect smile for you. We can meet your cosmetic goals with veneers, dental crowns, bonding, or bleaching treatments. We are licensed to provide a number of cosmetic treatments, including Lumineers. These are porcelain coverings that are bonded to the teeth, they require little to no tooth preparation.

Newport Beach cosmetic dentist Dr. Gold and his team provide you with numerous teeth enhancing treatments.  These include teeth whitening, dental bonding, fillings, and porcelain veneers.

Dental bonding is a conservative procedure that can quickly restore your smile’s natural beauty.  This is especially useful to treat teeth affected by misalignment, chips, and cracks.  A coating of plastic is applied to the damaged teeth, which improves their strength and replicates their natural appearance.

We utilize modern tooth-colored fillings that treat your teeth with less irritation.  They are comfortably bonded to your teeth and provide a more natural-looking result.  They are undetectable and easy to apply.

Porcelain Veneers are an alternative to crowns that improve your smile by masking stains, reducing the appearance of chips, aligning teeth, and creating a consistent alignment.  They are produced from thin, customized material that can be easily fitted over the teeth.  They look natural and can last for a number of years.

Teeth whitening provides a shortcut to a prestigious and radiant smile.  Soft drinks, coffee, or drugs are common causes of discoloration, with teeth whitening, this problem is easily eliminated.  Our teeth bleaching options offer multiple benefits that can boost your confidence.

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