Is implant placement painful?

Implant placement is generally performed with local anesthesia. Most of the procedures will result in no discomfort and can be done in the dentists’ office.

How much pain will be felt after implant placement?

There is only minor discomfort that can be expected. There is medication available that your doctor can prescribe to alleviate any pain.

How long will dental implant placement take?

The length of placement will depend on the location and number of implants. In some cases, they can be placed in 30-60 minutes.

What should I eat after an implant placement procedure?

A diet will be provided following the first few days after treatment. It is recommended that you avoid hard foods.

How do I take care of my implants?

Brush and floss your implants as regularly. You are recommended to schedule regular dental visits for long-term health and success.

How long do the implants last?

Implants can last for many years with the proper care. Some patients have had their implants on for more than 40 years.

What can I expect if an implant fails to osseointegrate?

The implant will be removed and the site will undergo a healing process. After the healing process, another implant can be prepared and replace the previous one.

Will insurance cover my dental implants treatment?

Dental implants are an elective procedure, so it may not be covered by most insurances. However, your dentist may offer payment plan options. Please contact their office to know more.

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