Numerous patients opt to receive their treatments under sedation due to its stabilizing effects.  Our Newport Beach sedation dentist offers numerous options to help patients relax and remain stress-free during treatments.

Your comfort is highly prioritized, our treatments are designed to deliver the best results without compromising comfort and safety.  Sedation dentistry can create the effect of shortened treatment time and euphoric feelings.  Anxiety does not have to be an obstacle to receiving world class treatments from our office.

There are three levels of anesthesia. First is the analgesia, which is the inhalation of nitrous oxide, this would be for the patient with slight apprehension. Second would be anxiolysis, which is taking a oral sedative in conjunction with the inhalation of nitrous oxide. Third and last is general anesthesia, which requires our anesthesiologist to apply IV and intubation, the patient is put completely asleep. The latter two require that you have made arrangements for someone to drive you to and from the office.

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