If you would like a brighter smile, we can use the Zoom or Opalescence boost whitening systems. Both bleaching techniques deliver a comfortable experience, which will brighten your smile up to three shades within a one-hour appointment. We will then deliver a set of custom trays and a kit that will provide continued maintenance at home.  Dr. Gold is a premier dentist providing excellent teeth whitening services in the Newport Beach area.

Teeth whitening is popular in cosmetic dentistry due to the phenomenal results patients can experience in a single visit.  In-office procedures are more effective than home remedies because the treatments are performed by professionals using the most recommended products.

Zoom teeth whitening takes up to an hour to finish and requires a teeth cleaning before the treatment.  The lips and gums are covered and the Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is applied to the teeth.  The Zoom light is used to activate the gel and eliminate stains and discoloration.  The gel is exposed to the light for up to 15 minutes, the result is whitened teeth of up to eight shades.

Opalescence Boost uses a whitening agent that is chemically activated and transforms your smile in less than an hour. This is the definitive treatment for patients looking for a gratifying result just in time for a special event. It contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride). Potassium nitrate helps reduce sensitivity while the fluoride minimizes caries and reinforces tooth enamel durability. There is no need for a light as the whitening agent is chemically activated.

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