Invisalign is a method of straightening the teeth or correcting your bite without having to place bands, brackets or wires. The invisalign appliances are virtually invisible. By using 3-D computer imaging technology to map the complete treatment from start to finish, a series of custom made aligners are worn in two week intervals, and then replaced with the next aligner. Gradually the teeth move toward the final position.

Newport Beach Dental Associates houses some of the most fundamentally proficient orthodontists in the Newport Beach area.  Our detailed approach to the field enables patients to develop world class smiles that are perfect in alignment and beauty.

Our Invisalign aligners are produced from clear plastic material which allows them to be indistinguishable when viewed externally.  They are fitted and comfortably become a part of your life.  The aligners do not require any removal during brushing or eating activities.  The teeth are gradually realigned as the aligners apply pressure on them.

We work with braces that can be removable or bonded to the teeth.  There are no bands required to be placed around each tooth. They can be produced from metal, ceramic, or plastic material.  We work tirelessly to create a comfortable orthodontic experience for you.  The length of an orthodontic treatment is influenced by the growth of the mouth and face as well as the extent of the misalignment.  Any rubber bands or headgear prescribed can make for a more efficient treatment.

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