dental crown newport beach

Missing teeth can present an obstacle to enjoying a confident and healthy smile.  Fixed dental bridges and crowns offer excellent solutions.  Tooth gaps can cause teeth to shift out of position and the jaw to become less stable.  Receiving prompt treatment is key for the future of your dental health.

Dental crowns are created from various materials, these include steel and porcelain.  They are fitted over your teeth and provide protection from additional trauma.  Your teeth will be examined at the start of the procedure.  The spacing and shape of your teeth will be evaluated to determine the crown’s fit.

The permanent crown will be applied during the second visit.  Cement will be applied to your teeth and the crown is safely bonded into place.  Crowns are compatible with your natural cleaning habits so you can continue your daily activities with a more complete smile.

Dental bridges are a solution for multiple missing teeth.  They consist of multiple crowns anchored to adjacent teeth.  They are created from porcelain, metal, or ceramic material.  Once they have been fitted, bridges can prevent tooth gaps from damaging your teeth.

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